Cengea Solutions Inc. Technology for a living planet. Farm. Forest. Land. Water. You are involved with one or more of these assets for resource production or for resource conservation. Our work helps companies make information silos a thing of the past. Cengea's solutions invigorates planning, improves sight lines in operations, and introduces standardized workflows. Combined, these enhancements wring out business inefficiencies. They have improved the bottom line for some of the worlds largest integrated forest product companies, forest land owners, international food processing companies, and conservation organizations involved in soil, water, and biodiversity protection. A Cengea solution spares you the cost of building and maintaining customized code while addressing your organizations unique business drivers and requirements. More than twenty years of intense and focused productivity have given Cengea the market presence, geographic reach, solution profile, financial soundness, and investment commitment to offer you superior solutions and services. Please visit our website for more information on Cengea Solutions Inc.


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