Only 3 years old,Clarius has revolutionized medical imaging by creating a handheld ultrasound scanner with superior image quality. In its 1st year of sales (2017),Clarius shipped over 1600 systems and captured 16% of the growing ultraportable ultrasound market. Clarius scanners are actively being used by healthcare practitioners around the world. Clarius scanners are handheld,and wirelessly controlled by a smart device via a downloadable app (iOS or Android). Medical images can be uploaded to the Clarius Cloud for central storage and access. De-identified images can be shared with others on the Clarius Cloud for comment. Clarius scanners are affordable and accessible. Traditional medical imaging equipment is expensive and bulky limiting their use only to special cases. By providing a high-quality scanner in handheld form and using smart devices for display and control,Clarius scanners make medical imaging available to any healthcare practitioner who needs it.


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