At Enterra, were on a mission to secure the future of the worlds food supply by solving two major global problems: food waste and nutrient shortage. Over 30% of the worlds food supply is wasted and sent to landfills or composting operations where most of the nutrients are lost. Meanwhile feed manufacturers around the world are searching for a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources to feed the animals that are fed to people. Enterras natural process provides a sustainable solution to both of these problems by using insects to upcycle complex nutrients in waste food into sustainable protein, oil and natural fertilizer. Our protein and oil products are a valuable source of nutrients for animal feed, and our natural fertilizer is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner for use in organic crop production. In short, we create Renewable Food for Animals and Plants. Were a local company based in Vancouver, BC but our unique system can be replicated just about anywhere in the world. Its the future of global food security.


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