EPIC Semiconductors (EPIC) is a technology venture founded in 2008 in Vancouver,Canada. EPICs wide-patent-granted AI Chip is the size of a grain of salt and can be embedded into everyday objects to make them smarter. It is a Battery-free,Energy Harvesting Sensor with Integrated pre-Quantum Super Position Processor and Artificial Intelligence that communicates bi-directionally to the cloud through a gateway. Our AI chip senses human action (like presence,gesture,and touch),physical forces (temperature,pressure,vibration,humidity,etc.),chemical reaction and even vital signs of any living organisms. Unlike momentarily activated systems,EPIC AI Chips are always on. A plurality of our chips creates a self-organized collision free network,that acts like a superorganism which scientists believe is the next step in Artificial Intelligence. Our technology doesnt rely on third-party components,which makes it ultra-affordable (due to enormous cost savings) and therefore hard,if not useless to copy.

Information Technology

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