Equicare Health is the industrys leading provider of comprehensive care coordination software that improves clinical outcomes for patients, optimizes revenue generation, and enables care providers to operate more effectively. Equicares web-based solution, EQUICARE CS, includes functionality for patient navigation, long-term follow-up, and patient engagement. Equicare delivers services through interfaces with a variety of Hospital Information Systems to assist centers in managing large patient populations with minimal administrative overhead. EQUICARE CS is a self-funding, CoC-compliant patient engagement solution that supports patients throughout the care continuum, and is used in hospitals and care centers around the world. There are currently over 10 million cancer survivors living in the United States, plus an estimated 1.4 million new cases are diagnosed every year, (figures from the National Cancer Institute). The Institute of Medicine, which published a landmark study "From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition," has shown that cancer is no longer a disease that is resolved through acute treatment alone; rather, it is a chronic disease that requires lifelong care. Cancer centers specialize in the acute treatment phase and are best equipped to manage the chronic treatment, or survivorship, phase as well, due to their intimate relationship with each patient's cancer journey. Equicare CS enables cancer centers to provide coordinated navigation, distress management, and survivorship care planning to improve clinical outcomes for patients and achieve regulatory compliance. Creating a chronic care model for cancer survivorship is the right thing to do for both patients and your organization. Equicare Health can help you do it.


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