FTL Networks provides VoIP phone service for business. Enjoy significant savings on your phone service, including unlimited free calling in anywhere North America and competitive rates for international and toll free service. Our service is designed to provide the highest level of call quality. We provide a fully managed hosted PBX solution so you can have custom extensions, voice menus (IVRs), call groups, queues, and more. Our system supports user friendly web based management of voicemail, call recording, and conditional call forwarding. You can take your phone anywhere that has internet access, and it just works exactly the same way it does in your office. You will never need to buy one of those expensive proprietary phone systems again. Moves, adds, and changes to your phone system are taken care of with a simple phone call to support. No need to pay expensive phone technicians to program your system. And of course, you can keep your existing phone number. We take care of having it moved from your existing service at no cost. Prices start at $34.99/month per phone for 1 to 4 phones and $29.99/month for 5 or more phones. Contact us today to receive a demo phone to try out absolutely free!


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