GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. has a long history of meeting learning management requirements while dealing with changing technology and market conditions. Recently, GeoMetrix applied its success in learning management to creating a performance management system that helps organizations achieve strategic business objectives by harnessing and directing their workforces. The next step is the progression of TrainingPartner into the GeoTalent Talent Management System. A dramatically new online interface is being released for the existing modules. Later, new modules, including succession planning, competency management and more, will be added. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective alternative to high-priced enterprise systems with the customizability that TrainingPartner customers have come to know. Our next versions will offer that and a visual experience second to none in our industry. The system will, of course, be comprehensive and extensible just like all previous products. For more than two decades, GeoMetrix has been developing products that are technically superior and deliver exceptional business value. We believe that the new product suite and the changes to the existing product line will provide our current customers and the marketplace with the features and functionality they need to meet the business challenges of this decade. Following a sustainable business and development model since 1992, GeoMetrix has proved that it can deliver value today and tomorrow.


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