Oneworld Accuracy Collaboration is the largest and most successful External Quality Assessment (EQA) collaboration of its kind in the world. Our mission is to achieve universal testing accuracy for improved healthcare for all people. We offer a turnkey solution through our OASYS software platform for national and professional groups worldwide to become Collaboration Members and run their own National EQA scheme. Oneworld Accuracy offers over 260 EQA programs in all major laboratory disciplines as well as Molecular Diagnostics and Nucleic Acid Testing. We also offer Standarization programs in Total Cholesterol, eGFR Monitoring, Hemoglobin A1c, and Lipid Monitoring. Oneworld Accuracy Collaboration has over 50 members who collectively provide more than 28,000 annual program subscriptions to more than 5,000 participants in 55 countries. Among these members are more than 30 Ministries of Health, National Public Health Laboratories and National Reference Laboratories who have adopted our programs as their National EQA scheme.


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