Barrodale Computing Services Ltd. (BCS) has been providing effective and efficient software solutions for technologists and database users since 1978. Our customers applications are in diverse areas (meteorology, ocean technology, defense sciences, electoral geography, etc.) and we have many years of experience in handling complex data sets (e.g., multidimensional geospatial data, sensor data, electoral data). BCS has successfully completed more than 450 software development contracts for many different customers in the public and private sectors. Based on this extensive applications experience, in the past few years we have been developing and marketing database plug-ins for technologists. The Grid DataBlade supports database storage, update, and fast retrieval of multidimensional gridded data. A typical application could extract location-specific meteorological data from a 4D gridded database containing multiple weather-related values for extensive ranges of latitude, longitude, altitude and time. DBXten is a database accelerator for ingestion and indexing of very large sequences of data, while reducing storage space requirements. DBXten applications are in processing oceanographic, seismic, and financial data. A third technology, the Universal File Interface (UFI), delivers the contents of external data files as though they were rows in a database table. UFI makes a file look like a set of database tables, allowing users of UFI to perform SQL queries on their files without ever having to load them into a database.


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