We are a privately funded, profitable, product-focused and bringing passion to life through technology. At Venture Media, we have a lot of fun and make a great impact building and evolving projects for Venture Media, Inc. develops and builds technology on Web, mobile, and social platforms to identify and create products for users. It offers Canvus, a platform that connects people to their wearable passions, such as T-shirts and other apparel associated with favorite sports brands, quotable quotes, and other on an online platform; Blackfriday.com, a solution that helps shoppers to plan their shopping; and Mark, and online domain name marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, matching every domain name. The company also provides MyBible, an online Bible reader that enables family and friends to interact with each other and read the Bible together, which is available in mobile and Web devices; Intune, an application that enables users to know how sheet music is read, practiced, and performed on mobile devices. Venture Media, Inc. was formerly known as Reinvent, Inc. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.


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