Adventu Financial Technologies is an innovative fintech company. Adventu is building an app that integrates investing with shopping. Our app helps users find the lowest price for a product or service and when a purchase is finished helps them invest the savings into a tax-protected account (RRSP in Canada, IRA in the USA, ISA in the UK). Adventus app will offer a customer experience that allows users to invest in their future while shopping for the things they want. Existing invest while shopping experiences either top up purchases or urge belt-tightening that leaves a large market segment unmoved. Our free app will show users that they have room in their budget to invest while maintaining their lifestyle, putting the Adventu experience at the centre of their shopping and investing life. Financial firms will be able to create a different conversation with their clients -- existing and new -- and benefit from a low-cost asset gathering tool. Retailers will have a new way to reach shoppers that strengthens their brand with the soon to be highest spending demographic.


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