Finaeos is the Fintech Platform that is changing the game by enabling collaboration, aggregation and inclusion. Over a decade ago, our Founder, Tim Vasko, pioneered an idea of how a rapid aggregation and deployment platform should work for any business. The idea was this: why struggle to build, install and develop a myriad of base solutions? From CRM, to files, smart forms, to email automation, and finance every companys must haves should be in a single, accessible place, with a work flow engine. It could all be in a private platform that could scale and extend for any size enterprise? Why not create a single CORE that integrated, as well as functioned in for all layers of access? Everything from finance, to files, business process to prospects, will need to extend into mobile environments, without silos, and handcuffs. Why not give every user access, from a single login, to just what they need, no more, no less, to do their job? Today the Finaeos CORE is a patented Fintech platform, serving every element from smart contract engagement, to blockchain. Whether onboarding or invoicing, payments, to process flows, communication automation, to compliance, today with over 1.5 million man hours, and billions of transactions Fintech and enterprise integration, aggregation, rapid deployment, and functions across use cases. Fineaos enables a more effective Fintech ecosystem for almost any size business.


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