Pathonix is committed to the design, development and fabrication of novel cutting-edge optics and photonics instrumentation for research, clinical and sporting applications. Pathonix Innovation Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology and its applications in biomedical, health research and sports monitoring. Our innovative solutions have received a number of national and international awards and our wireless tissue oxygen monitoring systems are currently in use in several Universities and research facilities in North America. Pathonix benefits from physics, engineering, medical and exercise science expertise and is lead by a team with track record of research, technology and product development. Through partnership with other well-established engineering companies, Pathonix has access to a wide range of resources for product design and manufacturing. The company also has a successful history of collaboration with university researchers and is currently working on novel applications of NIRS in health care and exercise monitoring.

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