Industry Leading Solutions for Accessibility, Asset Tracking and Smart City Tech. Smart Mobility x Public Transit Accessibility For public transit authorities, improved customer experience and better accessibility are always key agenda. We provide software-based accessibility solution that improves accessibility for users with disability and especially those who are unable to mobilize their arms to process payment. Our hands-free & fully automated access gate control system enables the user with disability to enter and exit the metro systems independently and hands-free. Smart City x LoRaWAN We are at the forefront of bringing forth one of Canadas first carrier-grade Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) designed for IoT applications: LoRaWAN. We offer innovative solutions that utilize the cutting-edge LoRa technology to fully leverage the promise held by IoT. Machine Learning x Analytics We believe in improving the speed and accuracy of Big Data analytics in order for the IoT to live up to its promise. ?We leverage sophisticated machine learning algorithms to offer a variety of applications & services.


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