Founded in 2003 by Shane Sparks and Gregg Meiklejohn, ER can offer you Process Improvement Consulting, Outsource Management Services and Software that will help you increase your enrollment revenue without having to buy advertising or add staff. It's all about doing more with what you've got. We are experts in this arena and are happy to assist. Follow us on our Linkedin page and you will get: Performance Improvement Tips - every week We faithfully deliver a concise practical EDU performance improvement tip to LinkedIn weekly (minimum). Its a maximum 60-second read with an action item you can use immediately. Invites to our webinars We are well-known for our no-sell webinars, and theyre entertaining, concise and practical. Great training tools for your school. A Complimentary GAP Analysis This 1-hour process shows you how you compare to the best career schools in North America. Weve been told countless times this session is both an insightful and an enjoyable experience. Why all this value for free? We want to prove to you we are thought leaders in the career education industry. That's an important first step before we explore business together. So, allow us to show off a bit for you. Enjoy the quality information.


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