MSR Innovations is an innovator in the rapidly expanding residential solar energy market. The company has developed a revolutionary and patented new modular solar roofing system, SOLTRAK' that allows homebuilders and homeowners to incorporate photovoltaic (PV) solar power generation directly into the construction of a roof resulting in dramatically lower cost and unparalleled flexibility and aesthetics. SOLTRAK', a Modular Solar Roofing system incorporates two unique solutions to the problems of the expensive and unattractive solar systems currently offered to the housing industry. It consists of polymer roofing tiles that can integrate PV solar cells into the tiles, so as few or as many as desired can be used. And the tiles can be simply snapped into place using a proprietary track system that is itself easily installed. (more) By reducing the up-front capital cost of solar power and solving the appearance problem, SOLTRAK' eliminates the biggest barriers to residential use of PV solar technology . The cost of a SOLTRAK' roof is comparable to most premium roofs, so effectively you get the solar for free!


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