BasicGov Systems, Inc. is the leading pioneer of cloud solutions that enable Governments to transform how they do business. Established in 1985, BasicGov offers a comprehensive operations management platform that enables Governments to automate, streamline and innovate operations to cut costs while ensuring the efficient delivery of quality services to citizens. BasicGov offers the only complete true cloud solution that can meet all operations management needs for government, including land management, licensing and regulation and community development. Powered by the industry-leading cloud-computing platform, our capabilities are unmatched by any other solution and deliver the performance, security and scalability users require to meet their needs now and in the future. Today over 250 public agencies at all levels of Government rely on BasicGov to power their business operations. Our technology handles millions of transactions daily for more than 35 state and local governments in North America, including the State of Florida, State of Massachusetts, State of Wyoming, City of Hampton, VA, City of Elgin, IL, City of Beaumont, CA and many more.

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