URQUi is based on ephemeral numbers, that are used as keys to identify individuals. There are two related components to the framework. One that is used by an individual, and the second that is used by an organization(s). The individual component is an application that functions on any mobile or digital device. The purpose of this application is to create keys, locally on the device, no cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required. A new set of numbers(URQUi key) are created every minute(ephemeral) as indicated by the countdown clock shown below the URQUi key. For organizations, their responsibility is to collect the URQUi keys from individuals with whom they have already created a relationship, in order to perform identify verification. The organization, does not require any additional software or hardware to provide URQUi security, they simply just need to communicate with one of the many URQUi servers, that will perform the verification. URQUi is host agnostic (generic); once installed on an individuals device, it can work with any combination of government hosts, school hosts, non-profit hosts or commercial hosts. At no time is any individuals personal information collected, transmitted or saved.


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